How can I help? What can I do?

These are the two most common responses we get when we tell our story.

Well we don’t need your money, so let’s get that out of the way first, there are so many more important things you can give or do without realising, so if you like the concept we really want you to engage with us, yes money is important, and if you want to donate £1 or any amount, we are delighted as we do have overheads and are limited by budget, but you can also: –

Talk about us: – Tell everyone you know what we are doing, how great it is and the benefits it gives,

Media: – Are you in TV, Film, Radio? Are you a journalist, Editor, newspaper owner, a blogger a vlogger can you help spread our story to a wider audience?

Finance: – Do you work in finance? Does your bank or hedge fund give philanthropically, are you looking for a way to help with the community? Can we be your chosen charity?

Hair Manufacturer: – Are you in the Beauty & Hair business? Can you supply products for goody bags, samples, hair products, makeup, brushes, anything we can use or ask us for any ideas of support or affiliation or brand support let us know.

Recommend someone: – do you know someone in need? Are they living on your couch for the last six months? Do you work in a shelter that we can help with? If so lets us know we will do what we can.

Support our Salon: – Show your support by simply having your hair done at the salon, ask our stylists about what they do, your patronage of the salons that are part of the programme will go a long way to help support us in our work.

Bring us any old and odd currency from holidays lying in your draws, save pennies in a jar, any old coppers and coins lying in your car (we get free counting service at our bank,  Metro Bank) put it all to a good cause.

We are open to hairstylist volunteers and assistant volunteers to help with this project. If you wish to help please email

If you can help in any other way (manufacturers), i.e. Donations of hair products, makeup, electricals, (all must be new please) contact

You can also help by making a direct donation in any currency or amount (£1 or larger) click the donate button and PayPal will process this for you.

All help is welcome; any suggestions are encouraged. please email

For Press & PR interest and help email

Thank you for taking the time to help.

The Team at

The H.A.I.R Foundation.